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"A FAIRY WITHOUT WINGS" is a new Gameboy homebrew game Developed using ZGB / GBDK

1st place at the 2nd "Retroacción international contest" of 2019

You are a tooth fairy who was born without wings.
When she collects enough teeth, she gains the power to shoot lightning (which helps to free the fairies!),  but a simple contact will make her teleport away because she doesn't control her powers completely.


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This game is so much fun! Loving the tight controls and the awesome effects you use when completing the levels! Good work on this!

Thanks, I'm really glad to hear you like it :)
I hope you to like the new version I'm working on renamed to "Yōsei Wars"

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Thanks 😊

I'm working on a new version,  hopefully a physical one

This looks so cute. But how did you do the screen warping effect?

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Thanks for the nice words Max.

The effect is a raster one. I am modifying the Y scroll each line using a table with the desired effect Y delta values.

More info about other effects here: 👌🏻

It is for MegaDrive, but some of them can be used in other tiled/sprites video game consoles.

It’s impressive. I haven’t seen that on any other gameboy game. Some similar effects but nothing quite like that one

Thanks for sharing that article. I read the whole thing because it was so interesting

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I'm glad you like it. Its great to know how the magic was done n_n
You can see raster effects in GameBoy games. Look at the water effect in Hammerin' Harry Water Level
It is only that in my game is more evident ^_^U

side note: I’ve never heard of that game but the music is awesome!

Nice! I like the enemy designs especially.

Thanks, I try to! ~somehow~ ^_^
Although because of this the game seems easy, getting the good ending is a little difficult


Thanks n_n

It's great to know people enjoyed playing the game 😊

Cute tooth fairy game :P

Thanks! It's a work in progress and playable on Gameboy too n_n

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Yeah ikr