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"A FAIRY WITHOUT WINGS" is a new Gameboy homebrew game Developed using ZGB / GBDK

1st place at the 2nd "Retroacción international contest" of 2019

You are a tooth fairy who was born without wings.
When she collects enough teeth, she gains the power to shoot lightning (which helps to free the fairies!),  but a simple contact will make her teleport away because she doesn't control her powers completely.


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This looks so cute. But how did you do the screen warping effect?

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Thanks for the nice words Max.

The effect is a raster one. I am modifying the Y scroll each line using a table with the desired effect Y delta values.

More info about other effects here: 👌🏻

It is for MegaDrive, but some of them can be used in other tiled/sprites video game consoles.

It’s impressive. I haven’t seen that on any other gameboy game. Some similar effects but nothing quite like that one

Thanks for sharing that article. I read the whole thing because it was so interesting

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I'm glad you like it. Its great to know how the magic was done n_n
You can see raster effects in GameBoy games. Look at the water effect in Hammerin' Harry Water Level
It is only that in my game is more evident ^_^U

side note: I’ve never heard of that game but the music is awesome!

Nice! I like the enemy designs especially.

Thanks, I try to! ~somehow~ ^_^
Although because of this the game seems easy, getting the good ending is a little difficult


Thanks n_n

It's great to know people enjoyed playing the game 😊

Cute tooth fairy game :P

Thanks! It's a work in progress and playable on Gameboy too n_n

Yeah ikr